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August 21, 2012
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Jade Ikazurei

Age: Approx. 2100-2200  years old (22 to human eyes)

Gender: Male

Species: Ikazurei

Race: Netherworldian

Height: 5'10

Color of hair: White

Pupils: Purple

Likes: Hairbands,being a minor god,weaponry,bossing people around,and his 2 precious sisters-to-him that are Remilia and Flandre Scarlet.

Dislikes:... Alot of things...

Description: Born with white hair, Jade is a young god of the netherworld,coming from the strongest netherworldian family in history. But, he is one of the sole survivors of the family. He loves to travel,and be with other siblings. He also took care of Remilia and Flandre Scarlet when they were young. Jade also is the owner of the gigantic flying all terrain castle named "The Grand Apocalypse". He would also love visitors and visit other gods. He is also a wielder of a special sword named "Jhones",a living being that could transform to a being,then to a glowing purple sword.
He also has a hairstyle similar to Soul Eater Evan from Soul Eater.
Jade is also an Ikazurei, an Only Demon with the power to turn everything to darkness and his bidding.
He is also a really voracious Soul Eater, gaining it from his true mother, Shinki. Jade usually works at Moriya Shrine to learn from his masters, harnessing more power in hopes of re-conquering the Netherworld. He has very close ties with Yukari and Yuyuko for he was the sole mastermind of the creation of Gensokyo, until Yukari offered to take control for him, and he saved Yuyuko's life by bringing her back as a ghost at the cost of his left hand.
His hand is either: A mouth with serrated teeth, or a black demon claw with the power to shoot out and drag the target back to Jade or let Jade close the distance.
Despite all this, he is a noble friend and will stay by your side until the bitter end.
His main element is with darkness, and with it, he's impossible to defeat.


second OC:

Age: Approx. 1800-2000 years old (18 to human eyes)

Gender: Female

Species: Netherworldian (exact species unknown)

Race: Netherworldian

Height: 5'4

Color of hair: Blonde

Pupils: Deep red on the right, deep blue on the left

Likes: Bows,keping things clean,black princess gowns,big pigtails,and family members

Dislikes: Brats,Giygas,broken arrows,misses,and protected hits

Description: Diza is a young sister of Jade,is the keeper of The Grand Apocalypse,and usually the one who bosses the servants within it.
Diza is exceptionally younger than her brother,and usually wears a black princess dress adorned with pigtails for her hair.
She also owns some of the rarest bows in the Netherworld,and always having a 99.9% chance of hitting a target straight at the eye.
She likes to prank people in some ways aswell,putting ice in the shower for unsuspecitng victims to fall to.
She is weaker than her brother,but somehow wins against him in sparring.

Third OC:

Age: Approx. 3900 years old before immortality

Gender: Male

Species: God of Ghosts
(died and was anointed as a soul)

Race: Netherworldian

Height: 6'4

Color of hair: Blonde

Pupils: Grey

Likes: His children, peace, order, and life

Dislikes: Death, people who hurt his children, people without discipline.

Description: Johannes is the father of Jade and Diza. He is one of the main gods in the netherworld as the known God of Ghosts. He became a god by sacrificing himself for his children long ago because the other gods have found favor on this man of ultimate power. He is the husband of Julia, Goddess of the Sun. He often helps his children get stronger by sparring them.
Johannes and Julia are the only 2 parents in the entire family that is still alive, but maybe, just maybe, there are also other lost family members out there.


Fourth OC: Lamia

Age: Exactly 1756


Species: Netherworldian (exact species unknown)

Race: Netherworldian

Height: 5'1

Color of hair: Gold blonde

Pupils: Pure red

Likes: Daggers, hats, fancy garments, wind, rain, and fire

Dislikes: Sadako Yamanaka, the color pink, and death

Description: Lamia Elric is the second to the youngest of the Elric family, along with his brother and sister, Jade and Diza. She is a very smart netherworldian witch that is even better than most witches that ever existed. She has gone missing for over 200 years,and was found in the heavenly body of Celestia. Her cause of death is by getting crushed by Chaos. She is now the first witch that learned the cure for the "Death" ailment. she is very energetic aswell, and spends time in Gensokyo. She also sports pigtails like her sister,but is smaller and fatter. Her usual attire is a black gown and a gunblade.
A little description of things XD
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